Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The more they bark...


  1. That quite explains me a lot of things. What book is that one? I want to read a little more.

    1. Ah, the comic may have been a bit misleading. ^^' It's not any certain book I read that from. Been reading from random researches I've sometimes bumped online + I've also witnessed it myself.

      Someone's been a bitch at me and later I've discovered they had some serious shit going on in their lives. And like mentioned, used to be similar long ago.

    2. Oh, and here, my silliness itself shines by its own~~ How can I even ask'd that? ._.
      It's quite sad; I love human psyche and its study, and I would like to have my personal collection of these goddamns books, but I'm too lazy to search for some XD