Thursday, March 6, 2014

Commissions open - EMERGENCY! (edit: nothing to see here anymore)

My 7-year-old german shepherd, Miska, was diagnozed with ripped spleen and possible tumor (not 100% sure before tests results) today. He has had many vet visits during the last 2 weeks and probably will have more ahead of him as well, and also medication.
I'm unemployed at the moment and haven't been able to find a job despite of searching one for 5 months.
The treatments are expensive and I've used over a half of my possessions.

So I'm opening commissions and hope for the best.
The prices are still the same. Contact me via email culuculuu(at) I check it daily.
If you don't want to order a picture yourself, please at least spread the word. I'm grateful for your interest and effort!


Edit 16.5.2014: Nothing anymore. Miska has gone to the other side.